Make Something: Not So Portable

Not So Portable


We’re setting out for a weekend away!
I’ve got to pack for two days of play!

I’ll take the big bag. He’ll use the small.
Never mind that I’m short and he’s super tall.

Three complete outfits plus optional shirts,
a jacket, a sweater, a couple of skirts.

What if their Conair lacks heat or vavoom?
I’ll take my blow dryer … it won’t need much room.

Black shoes, brown shoes, gym shoes, and flats,
high heels and flip flops, some scarves and two hats.

Bathing suit and cover-up and extra underthings.
Bracelets, rings, and necklaces, and gold and silver rings.

Shampoo and conditioner. Toothpaste, creams, and puffs.
Nail polish, clippers, file, and other mani-pedi stuff.

Bottled water, handy snacks, wine and screw for corks.
Just in case, I’ll bring along a knife and spoon and fork.

Tylenol and Gas-X, Band-Aids and cream for zits.
What if there’s a rip or tear? I’ll pack a mending kit!

A book or two, some magazines, notebook, laptop, chargers.
Ohmygosh! What’s happening? I thought this bag was larger.

I’d like to add my pillow, a candle, and some matches.
But I’ll stop now and sit on this … and pray to God it latches.

* * *

This poem is in response to prompt #294 from 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life: “Make something that is normally portable into something that isn’t anymore (or at least seems that way).”

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