Make Something: Glass

Today’s make something suggestion was to work on glass. What a wonderful opportunity to combine some of my favorite things: rhyming, Sharpies, and wine!

makesomething-glassThis was one of the few projects for which I actually went shopping. I’m now the happy owner of five oil-based paint Sharpies. What fun! They were so easy to prime, and the paint flowed beautifully onto the glass. The packaging declares that the paint is water-resistant, so I’ll wash the glass gently by hand. And if the paint comes off? I’ll just decorate it again! There’s certainly room for improvement.

In fact, after I shot the photo, I poured a bit of wine into the glass and immediately realized a shortcoming in my design. If I preferred Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, all would be fine. But the black lettering disappears against the backdrop of my favored reds. If I get gutsy, maybe I’ll trace next to the black letters with white. That will require a mighty steady hand …


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