Make Something: Silver

Silver stuff on a silver surface. That was today’s make something challenge. I put myself up against several obstacles, thereby creating a lackluster result.

First, I challenged myself to complete the making in 16 minutes. This was the baking time for a batch of banana muffins I had in the oven. When they were done, I wanted to park my butt in a chair to read and watch TV for the evening. This project needed to come together quickly.

Next, I chose to work on aluminum foil, which I detest. The mere mention of it sets my teeth on edge. In order to tear it from the roll, I have to set my jaw and tighten most of the muscles in my body. As quickly as possible, I pulled a long sheet, carried it to my closet, and laid it on the floor. Smooth. Barely a wrinkle. Phew.

Aiming to form the word “glitz,” I scavenged my jewelry stash for the most cheap and tarnished chains I could find. Doesn’t that seem fitting for a backdrop of tin foil?

But have you ever tried to write a word with dainty chains? On a slick surface? This was a real test of my patience …

… and the sound of it all attracted the new kitten, who came bounding across the foil, creating dimples and furrows that reflected the light in every direction. Photographing this work would be extremely difficult.

Plus, the kitten chased and rearranged the chains faster than I could get them into place. When I had the “g” exactly as I wanted it, I turned to pick up another necklace, and in that millisecond he pounced on the foil and reinvented the letter into an amoeba. I batted him back and tried to continue, but he pawed at the free end of the next chain and made that simple letter “l” a real trial.

So, away with the kitty. I tossed him into the hallway and closed the pocket door. Now it was just me, a few tarnished chains, and a sheet of foil, sitting on the closet floor.

I finished the word, underscored it with a charm bracelet, and went for the camera, just as the timer went off for the muffins. Luckily, my oven is slow, and they needed five more minutes.

No camera angle overcame the multifaceted surface of the foil. I snapped a couple shots and did what I could improve legibility with photo editing.

And there you have it. Against all these odds, the work is done. I made something out of silver stuff, on a silver surface, in about 16 minutes.


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