Make Something: Snack

“Make something with a snack or dessert before you eat it.”

What a coincidence.

Way back on July 1, 2013, when I was merely 62 days into this year of making things, Noah Scalin’s prompt invited me to make something with my dinner before eating it. I botched the assignment by forgetting to do the making before eating the meal. I still completed the creative assignment … but after the fact. Oops.

Tonight the same five of us wound up at the same restaurant—a trendy Asian place in our community’s downtown.

What are the odds? We eat there maybe four to six times per year.

At day 328, I am more immersed in this daily discipline and not about to miss a creative moment. Knowing dessert was not in our budget for time, calories, or money, all day I’ve been seeking opportunity for making with a “snack.”

So as our appetizers hit the table, I snagged a bowl of edamame, canvassed the table for ideas, and accepted my husband’s suggestion. Quick and simple. The day’s making was done.


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