Make Something: Contents of Pockets

Stepping away from the counter, we chose a table by the window and set down our drinks. Jim was just pulling out his chair when I instructed him to unload his pockets. His initial expression of “What the …” quickly melted into understanding as he asked, “Is this your make something deal today?”

Indeed. I seldom have anything in my pockets—and especially not on a yoga pants Saturday. I was counting on my sweetheart’s stash to provide both inspiration and content for today’s creation.

He travels light: keys, phone, money clip.

In an instant, I saw the first three letters of the perfect word. Keys at a right angle. Phone screen-side-up. Money clip open slightly and standing on edge. “We still need an …”

My observation trailed off as the caprese salad arrived, and we dismantled the work-in-progress. We were both hungry.

Just as we finished mopping up the sweet balsamic glaze with the last bits of spongy mozzarella, Jim reached for his money clip and pulled out the bills. I wondered what he was going to buy. We had paid for our meal at the counter.

He creased and arranged the money, but it didn’t want to stay upright. Catching on to his vision, I reversed the direction of the inner bill, trapping the loose ends into the fold of the other. It worked.

I pushed my salad plate aside, and we lined up all the elements. Right then, a server brought our entree salads. We said thank you and had him leave them at the far end of the table. Jim pulled the salt, pepper, and napkins out of view, and I stood on tiptoe to snap the photo.


While making this oh-so-quick, collaborative work, I reveled in my husband’s spontaneous, creative spirit. He doesn’t just put up with my playful urges; he gets right in the sandbox with me.

I love him so.

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