Make Something: Disposable Cup

For today’s creation, the instruction was to work with a disposable cup. So this evening, when the server returned to our table to offer dessert, I said, “No thanks, but do you have disposable cups? And do they have words on them?”

She was puzzled, to say the least. She couldn’t recall if the cups had anything on them at all, but said she would check. I said I would take one, regardless.

As it turns out, Buffalo Wild Wings cups feature large, bold, black letters against a vibrant yellow background. But I wasn’t inspired to rearrange or reinvent those words. Instead, I sliced down into the top edge of the cup several times, and rolled the resulting strips back to form a corona of petals.

It was pretty, just like that:


… but even more grand when I set it atop my head. Voila! A creativity crown!

makesomething-cup2(I feel like King Vitamin.)

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