Filling the well, priming the pump

Jim and I are away for a week of vacation, disengaged from our routine and engaged with each other. Our wedding anniversary was good cause for both celebration and relaxation.

Preparing for our getaway, I imagined I would do a lot of reading and a little writing. I was spot on about the reading. But the writing just hasn’t come.

I told Jim at lunch today, “I think I’m just filling the well.”

Writing is my daily work. The words I churn most days are for businesses, big and small. Wouldn’t it be grand for poetry and short stories to pour from my vacationing fingers? Of course. But writing is writing, and my writing self needed rest.

Still, this afternoon the creative urge did surge. I grabbed a pen and magazine and played with someone else’s words.
Perhaps this is a way of priming the pump.

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