#CreativeSprint: back to blogging

It’s been awhile. BethNyland.com has been quiet for months.

Mind you, Beth Nyland has not been quiet. Life and business have both been busy, and I’ve even been writing on a daily basis. (Have you tried the Day One journaling app? I am a new and true believer. Try it!)

But a few days ago, Noah Scalin caught my eye with a notice on Facebook. It wasn’t too late for me to sign up for #CreativeSprint, his first-ever 30-day challenge.


After making something every day for a year under Noah’s direction, I was intrigued for sure.

But did I have the appetite to add one more thing to my daily routine?

Yes. I’m in. And so is my sister, Norma Fredrickson. She’s using this opportunity to get used to the idea of sharing her work—even experiments and incomplete pieces, which is something new for my-sibling-the-full-time-fabric-artist.

When I took the 365-day challenge, I constrained my work to the theme of “words.” With very few exceptions, I translated each day’s prompt to fit my theme. Sometimes I wrote a poem or paragraph. Other times I made word art. Other times I stretched a little more.

For this 30-day bout, I’ve decided to roll with no theme, no constraints, no pre-conceived notion of what I will produce or learn from a month of creative play.

This is not like me. And that’s precisely why I’m going to give it a try.

Most of the time, I am incredibly disciplined, if not structured, in my work. Sure, I goof off from time to time, lose myself in web surfing, fritter away a morning procrastinating. But when it comes to producing work, I have a plan. I’m not rigid about the plan—I can be flexible and adapt to changes and flashes of inspiration—but I do have one.

So, for these 30 days, I will respond spontaneously to each day’s prompt. Whatever occurs to me. Whatever feels good in the moment. No pattern (at least not on purpose). No forced fit. No expectations, other than optimism about the prompts and the process.

I wonder if I will find comfort or consternation in this free-wheeling approach.

I’ll post my creations in “bunches” here on my blog every few days. I’m sharing them daily on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow me!

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