Gray Valentines

Day 3  prompt: Valentine’s Day


     Valentine’s Day

     Two weeks away

     Bring cards for all

     Just something small

          No need to be extravagant


     Shoulders slump

     Face all grump

     Daddy is gone

     Bank overdrawn

           No money for non-essentials


     Chokes back tears

     Finds old, dull shears

     Newspaper, some glue

     A pen or two

          No way will Stacie be excluded


     These will stink

     Not even pink

     Heart edges choppy

     They look so sloppy

          No one will even want these


     Look! Hello Kitty!

     Princesses so pretty!

     Batman’s on this one!

     Knock knocks! How fun! 

          No one noticed hers missing


     Last one to go

     Littering the snow

     Gray dotted lines

     Of sad valentines

          No saint wants this for sweet Stacie

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