Increasing Wealth

Day 25 prompt: wealth


At age five

A found penny

Even a dull one

Is a lucky fortune


At nine

Just one dollar

Made of actual paper

Is a prize in the pocket


At thirteen

A ten-dollar bill

Makes a decent advance

On an anticipated video game


At eighteen

Fifty bucks

Will cover a night out

Dinner, movie, gallon of gas


At twenty-six

A Benjamin

Puts a small dent

In the credit card bill


At thirty-seven

A thousand dollars

Pays for parts and labor

When the plumbers stop by


At forty-nine

Ten grand

Cash down, up front

Makes monthly payments manageable


At fifty-eight

A hundred thousand

In household income

Calls for careful budgeting


At seventy-four

A million dollars

Liquid but earning interest

Just might be enough to last


At eighty-seven

No amount of money

Adds up to the luxury

Of a great grandchild’s visit

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