Kitchen Sink Essay | Part 1 of 3

This was my crazy idea. A Sibling Discovery project, where my brother and sister and I would work independently to create art from the same prompt, then come together to share the result – and more importantly discuss the process. My hope is to learn what makes the three of us tick. How is it that we three siblings all have come to make at least part of our living from our art? Do we approach creative challenges similarly, or not? What can we learn from each other? Would we ever be able to collaborate? If so, how? And what might come of that?

Paul and Norma agreed to this crazy idea. Each of us contributed five “prompts” to the cause. We selected words or phrases we wanted to explore together. The words suggest our upbringing. Despite the fact that we grew up at different times and went decidedly different directions in adulthood, there are things that tie us together. Things like overalls, the alphabet and potluck dinners; soil, sunrise and home; cousins, blue ribbons and tractors.

… and the kitchen sink. This was one of Norma’s submissions. Just before we drew the first word from the bowl, I spoke with Paul. “I’ll bet we get stuck with kitchen sink first,” I joked. I wasn’t sure why I was reluctant to begin with the kitchen sink. But it made me uneasy.

Sure enough, the first slip of paper out of the dish read, “kitchen sink.” I laughed. Uncomfortably.

2 responses to “Kitchen Sink Essay | Part 1 of 3

    • Thanks, Gina. I’ve posted the whole series now. Please share your thoughts with me, and pass a link along to others who you think might identify.

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