My Purse

Day 78 prompt: handbag

I almost always carry a purse
Usually medium-sized
Sometimes boxy and wee

I avoid those cavernous sacks
That overwhelm my frame
So deep and dark I cannot see

Standard brown or black
Zebra, leopard or lime
Value pleather’s fine with me

Whatever, I will pack it full
Yet miss the very thing I need
Tissue, pen, mint or the right key

But if you need measuring tape
Teabag, candle or book to read …
I have it! How can that be?

English: A tape measure. Deutsch: Massband

Image via Wikipedia

4 responses to “My Purse

    • I’m so glad this struck a chord. My family often marvels at how much can be in my bag (whether purse, briefcase or backpack), and yet there is never a tissue to be found!

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