Ease | Words from the Carver, Sketches from the Textile Artist

The second word we drew out of the hat in the Sibling Discovery Project was “ease.” I threw this word in the mix, because it reminds me of Mom and the many hours she invested in teaching me to sew (more on that in my essay, which I’ll post in installments over the next few days).

Paul, the woodcarver, contributed this remarkable insight:

“This month’s prompt was ease. My original plan was to do a video of a simple carving. Got the camera today … that’s not gonna happen. But, to continue, I’ve been told many times how much ease I have with carving. Yet, what a path to that ease … Learning to sharpen each tool to its best performance, selecting wood, taking a concept and fleshing it out, all that and not a single chip on the floor! Once all is ready, on to the real stuff. Unlike most mediums wood is contrary, changing grain and density, each cut deserves a little thought. Patience, repetition and a certain stubborn attitude are the answer. When the carving is done, next comes the finishing and proper display. When you look at all the steps, EASE is just a short word for a lot of preparation. Ease is the act of taking your work to the line with smooth actions and capable grace. Mom always claimed she didn’t know where we kids got our talents … both she and Dad planted the seeds and nurtured them with their smooth actions and capable grace.”

Norma, the textile artist, sent scans from two pages of her many notebooks, which she has scattered throughout her home/studio so she can capture inspiration whenever it strikes. “Ease” inspired her to sketch, and also conjured scripture and words:

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