Parenting Perks

Infinity Guitar

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Day 112 prompt: Groceries

Laundry in heaps
Groceries to buy
Tummies on empty
Dishes piled high

Squabbles to settle
School papers to sort
Bedding to straighten
Kids to transport

When you’re raising kids
There’s plenty of work.
Thank God the children
Are excellent perks!

4 responses to “Parenting Perks

    • Thank you, Richard! Saying a lot in a few words is one of my main goals. This is partly to meet the challenge of being concise. But it’s also a practical matter of being a working mother with quite a few kids and many interests of my own. No time for wordiness!

    • I considered leaving the poem without that closing ray of sunshine. But that wouldn’t have been my truth. Though I struggle with some of the day-to-day tasks, I wouldn’t trade this family life. Not for a second. Thanks for reading!

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