Love Nautical

Hawser and Cleat

(Photo credit: rcbodden)

Day 113 prompt: Nautical

Once upon a time,
in a setting most nautical,
lived a steady sea-woman
whose ways were methodical.

“Ship shape” understates
how she managed her yachtical,
with a spot for each thing
and each thing in its spotical.

Her journeys were quiet –
no twists in her plotical –
‘til she met a smooth sailor
who made her feel naughtical.

He was dashing and strong
with looks quite exotical.
He excited her senses.
He aroused her. Erotical!

They traveled the world,
making love a whole lotical.
Swept away by his charms,
the lady almost forgotical …

‘Til the carefree sailor
with nary a thoughtical
put his book on the shelf –
and not alphabotical!

His sin sent her reeling.
Upset and distraughtical,
she ended the romance
with one precise shotical.

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