Loads of Laundry

Washing machine - 60/365

(Photo credit: Wahlander)

Day 289 prompt: Laundry

don’t you dare say easy care
there’s no such thing as wash and wear
so bite your tongue and stop right there
just listen close to this nightmare

for everyone in my household
has clothing that to us was sold
at a hefty price worth so much gold
we’ll have to keep it ‘til we’re old

until that time we wear then pile
the clothes we think express our style
most are wrinkled, some smell vile
all in a heap that rises a mile

until at last we need some shirt
I haul and sort so my back hurts
machine wash to remove the dirt
then fluff and dry ‘til a buzz alerts

it’s time to do the folding chore
at least for things meant for a drawer
the rest on hangers we will store
and hope they don’t slide to the floor

grouped and off to bedrooms vended
at last with baskets all upended
you would think it’s all been tended
but the laundry cycle’s never ended

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