Too True


(Photo credit: sam b-r)

Day 290 prompt: The Letter U

Lulu’s aging taupe-y tutu
Looked like doggie doo-doo.
She wanted something new.
So she rode the East Line choo-choo
To a shop in Timbuktu.

She entered calling, “Hey, yoo-hoo!”
The clock erupted with a “cuckoo”
And a gusty warm wind blew
As Big Suzie came in view—
Her wide face aglow with dew
And a smile that broadly grew.
She huffed and waddled past her crew.

“Good Lordy, look at you!
Your skirt sits all askew!
Mercy! That will never do!”

The lady seemed to chew
As she gathered quite a slew
Of little frocks; they simply flew!

While LuLu pondered what to do
The choo-choo whistle blew.
There was no time to stew.
“I’ll choose the blue mumu,”
Asserted sweet LuLu.

She paid a buck or two
And said quickly, “Thanks to you
I expect to hear ‘woo-woo’
When I slide into the pew.”

Believe me. It’s all true.

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