Mama’s Breakfast

Cereal Box

(Photo credit: tmray02)

Day 365 prompt: Empty

the morning hurricane
is finally o’er
children dressed and fed
and out the door

mama’s been going
full throttle since six
and all she has eaten
are a few pretzel sticks

she gathers a bowl
the milk and a spoon
and a fiber-rich cereal
to hold her til noon

her butt hits the chair
her elbows the table
she opens the box
and peers at the label

this breakfast is healthy
low in sugar and fat
it even has raisins
and it’s tasty at that

the box is lightweight
soon they’ll need more
she’ll make a list later
now she lifts it to pour

she tilts and she tips
she gives it a shake
releasing a raisin
some dust and one flake

she looks down inside
and mutters, come on!
who puts back the box
when the cereal is gone?!

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