Good Sports


(Photo credit: sierrafit)

Day 366 prompt: Sports

I can spend a day
at Wrigley or Comiskey
or whatever they want
me to call a ballpark now.

I can eat snacks
and keep one eye on the TV
for an afternoon with the NFL
and my husband and sons.

I can cheer for six-year-olds
at a cold, rainy, April soccer game
and bring a cooler of snacks
for the team and their sibs.

But I wonder …

Would one of those Cubs or Sox
spend forty minutes with me
burning calories by walking
a suburban neighborhood’s streets?

Would any of those NFL stars
invest an afternoon at the Y using
an elliptical, jogging the track
and taking turns on weights with me?

Would some of those six-year-olds
wake early with me
for a peaceful hour of yoga
before the rest of the house is awake?

I wonder …

But I’m not going to call a foul.

We’re all good sports.

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