Make Something: Paper

I wonder how often my little girls will be able to participate in this “Make Something” challenge over the next 365 days. They both had ideas for today’s prompt, but school and extracurriculars and our every-other-weekend parenting schedule kept them from posting with me again tonight. Ah well, creativity goes on.

Day 3 of Noah Scalin’s book, “365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life,” instructs us to make something out of paper, but without scissors, or glue, or drawing.

“Paper” reminded me that we continue to receive a daily newspaper, despite my repeated attempts to cancel the subscription. Rather than chuck the wrapped paper in the recycling bin tonight, I opened the package and used a few sheets to twist and fashion the word “news.”

2013-05-03 21.58.55My fingers are all black and newsprinty. Feels like a good use of that paper, for a change.

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