Make Something: For Another to Discover

For this fourth day of creativity, the challenge was to take a five-minute walk, then make something with whatever was at hand, wherever I wound up. The walk didn’t fit into my schedule of work, laundry, one kid’s soccer game, and another kid’s water polo game.

However, on the drive back from water polo, Jim and I stopped for a nice dinner. We had traveled a good 45 minutes from home, so I decided that counted as the journey. I worked with what I found on the table … and then set it aside for our server to discover.

What is it Michelangelo said? “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Well, I saw a word in the butter, and carved until it was plain to see.

ImageIt took awhile for the server to notice my work. (It took her awhile to take our order, too, so she was true to form.) She glanced at my bread plate sitting on the corner of the table, looked away, then quickly looked back again. Then came a wide-eyed expression of recognition, then a smile. After we laughed about her response and the “art” itself, she took the plate and set it on the bar, where we got to watch the bartender go through a similar series of responses.

Good, fatty fun.

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