Make Something: Collected

Day 5 of Noah Scalin’s creative adventure challenged me to work with a collection found in my home. As I began to wander from room to room, I felt a little smug that we have been busting a lot of clutter lately. We’ve reduced and recycled a lot of stuff, I thought; fInding a collection might be challenging. But I did discover possibilities:

  • My rubber stamps. But I couldn’t bear the thought of getting them all back into their rightful spots in the plastic drawers where they are nestled into categories of season and theme. Perhaps this is why no one received hand-stamped items by Beth any more; I don’t want to create such disorder.
  • My daughters’ stuffed animals. But I didn’t want to offend them if the only word I could think to form was “mess.”
  • My son’s Pez dispensers. But I couldn’t navigate the floor of his room to pull the bin from the bottom of his heavy-laden shelves.

Feeling deflated (we’ve traveled mere inches in our thousand-mile journey to reduce clutter), I went to my own closet. Jewelry? Shoes? Scarves?

And then it hit me.

makesomething-feetMy feet enjoy a spectacular collection of socks. Now that spring has finally come to the Midwest, most of these beauties will have to wait for cooler weather. Perhaps I’ll use this photo as the background for my phone or iPad, so I can enjoy some super socks even when my toes are bare.

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