Make Something: Old Book

Today’s marching orders were to “transform an old book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing, and so on.”

I know about altered books. I’ve seen  beautiful examples, and I’ve considered giving that sort of project a go. But my revere for books must be so deeply ingrained, I just can’t do it. Even a book I didn’t enjoy or will never read, that I wouldn’t even recommend or pass along to a friend … I just can’t deface it.

In spite of that, I found a way into today’s prompt …


… camouflage. I created a book cover from some wildly patterned paper. No glue required; just some well placed creases and snug wrapping. I set the covered book on a sheet of the same paper and snapped a picture, certain to get some shadow to show dimension.

In keeping with my theme of “words,” can you see the extra detail, added with some subtle photo editing?

I can’t find the words.

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