Make Something: Before Breakfast

Oh, Noah Scalin, you are hitting all my sensitivities so early in this year of making 365 somethings.

For this 9th day, the creative journal suggests making something with your breakfast, before you eat it.

The little girls got back into the game today. As soon as their food hit the table, one formed a mustache from two strawberries, while the other chew-carved sausage patties into a cat. These young creators are fast and fearless.

Guess what I did?

I ate breakfast nearly two hours later than usual. There’s a word for that …


makesomething-breakfastNote the white flag of surrender. I got hungry.


2 responses to “Make Something: Before Breakfast

    • So true! When writing, I use procrastination to advantage. My brain churns the words until the last possible moment, when I sit down and spew it all out on the page, often in near-final format. But I can snack all the while!

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