Make Something: Microscopic

The instruction for the fourteenth day of making something is to go small. As small as possible. Microscopic even.

I thought I had this one nailed. Driving home from a creative writing class in the city this evening, I challenged myself to bring my business writing profession and my poetry obsession together in the shortest possible written work. After a few moments of individual brainstorming, I smiled at my own brilliance.

“Write tight.”

It was perfect. Two five-letter words that rhyme and deliver essential advice to business writers.

But before publishing, I felt obligated to see if my brilliance was original. Alas, I am not the first writer to join these words. My little axiom already serves as title for a book, a website, and a host of articles and blog posts. Sigh. There are no new ideas.

So, as I compete with all these other creative minds, a tiny question came to mind …

makesomething-microCan’t you hear me?

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