Make Something: Dollar

I may be too angry to post anything constructive this evening. But the “make something” theme—to create something using just a dollar—is so fitting, I have to follow through.

makesomething-dollarFor several weeks, my husband and I have been jumping through one hoop after another, attempting to refinance the mortgage on our home. We are locked into the ridiculous rate that was available to me at the time of my divorce several years ago, when I pled for financing based on my sole income when the economy was in even more dire straits than today.

Now, we have several joint tax returns to offer as proof of our combined resources. Sure, we are both relatively new in our jobs, but we have solid credit ratings and a flawless track record of paying bills. We have a personal relationship with our banker, and we are good banking clients, with substantial resources allocated across several of the institution’s investment, savings, and checking programs.

And yet, today this bank refused to refinance the interest rate on our mortgage. Evidently, they don’t trust that we are worth the risk of another few basis points in interest.

I know lenders have been extending incredible deals to people recently, helping to lower their monthly payments and keep families in their homes, even in the face of joblessness and tanking investments. Moreover, just in the past month, friends have divulged to me that they have been inconsistent in making mortgage payments—or even have failed to make a payment for more than a year. Yet their lenders have not imposed anything more than late fees.

Why are my dollars somehow less worthy of trust?

That’s all I’ve got tonight.

Fortunately, my daughters had a more positive approach to making something from a dollar bill. Here are their cat and mustache …


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