Make Something: Green

Green has been my favorite color for a long time. Probably since I was old enough to have the confidence to choose my own favorite, rather than mimicking my babysitter’s choice of purple. So when today’s creativity prompt suggested working only with green materials, I went on a rapid treasure hunt and easily gathered green goodies from around the house.


Several shades of green paper. Four pairs of green scissors, two with unique edges. Green thread. A green votive candle holder. A green vase. A handful of green glass gems. A green leaf rubber stamp. Green ink. Green paper clips and binder clips. A green-stemmed daisy with a green center. A few green paper punches. A green candle. A couple sheets of green stickers.

Not everything made it into the final product. The votive holder became a miniature vase for the silk flower, resting on a mat of green paper sprinkled with gems and punched paper dots in two shades of green. I stamped a subtle green leaf on each corner of the mat. Best of all, I cut narrow triangles from two different green papers, then curled the pointy ends slightly. Poked into the mini-vase, these curly strips became convincing foliage to surround the daisy.

It wouldn’t do for a wedding reception or fine dining establishment, but sure could be fun for a little girls’ party or even as a surprise at the family dinner table. Working with a tight palette (one is pretty dog-gone tight) virtually guaranteed a pleasing result. Fun!

Of course now that I’m finished, it’s nearly 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night, and I’m wiped out. And I just realized this project has zero connection to my chosen theme of “words.” I got so lost in the making, I forgot about the core message. I’m still new to the Make Something 365 process. You might even say I’m a little … wait for it … green.

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