Make Something: Portable

Today’s Make Something prompt urged me to make something portable that normally isn’t. This suggestion—possibly the most difficult yet—sparked good dinnertime conversation with the family. What could I put a handle on? Could I play with words, such as “stationery” and “stationary”? Could I photograph or write a poem about a rooted tree?

I went outside with my cell phone to take some photos.

And all I could think of was how much I miss my sister, and how I’d love to spend this evening sharing words and wine with her. If she lived close, we could spend this evening talking and laughing in front of the fireplace. If only we could get together around that fireplace …

That was it! I needed to make my fireplace portable, so my sister and I can gaze at it together while sipping wine and exchanging words and ideas and laughter via FaceTime. Voila …


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