Make Something: Old to New

I worked about 14 hours straight today, looking at the screen of my Mac with just short breaks to grab lunch from the fridge, fill my teapot, and visit the restroom. I wrote, designed presentation materials for two clients, taught a virtual business writing workshop, fielded email messages, and ordered pizza delivery online for my own kids and several others from the neighborhood.

Around 10:00 p.m. I realized today’s “make something” deadline was in jeopardy. Now it’s 11:52 pm, and I am sneaking in just under the wire with what may well be my most lame creation of the entire year.

The prompt: make something old look new.

There wasn’t time (or need, really) for make-up today. So when I caught sight of myself in the mirror on one of those quick trips to the bathroom, my age was evident. I wondered what a PhotoShop expert might do to improve my appearance.

I’m no graphic artist, and I don’t even have PhotoShop. But I know there’s an app for nearly everything—including morphing one photo with another. So as the clock ticked toward midnight, I found and uploaded two photos: my kindergarten school picture and a photo I snapped this evening just after putting my tired self to bed. I clicked a button, and MorphThing did its thing.

The result is creepy. But the day’s creative mission is complete. And tomorrow is another day.


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