Make Something: Stapler

I love illuminated letters. Large and ornate, these lead-off characters captivate me even before the story begins. (Artgirl67 has collected an inspiring array of illuminated letters on Pinterest.)

Today’s “make something” prompt suggested I work with a stapler. I shot a few staples onto my desk and let them lie. All closed up, the little wires look like malnourished letter Bs. I like a rotund, voluptuous B. But with some gentle prying on the ends, my staples turned into skinny Cs. Somehow it’s okay with me for a C to be that slight of frame.

As I snapped a photo, I thought what fun it would be to create a brand identity around common office supplies. Imagine a website where each page features an illuminated letter that is nothing more than an exaggerated look at an everyday object, pulled straight from your workspace. A paperclip S. A scissors X. A power button O.


Suddenly my office supplies seem a lot more interesting. Perhaps I can find the whole alphabet, right here in my office …

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