Make Something: Sidewalk Chalk

The make something project took me outside this afternoon. I dropped my butt to the cement and made a message on the driveway, with chalk.


For the past eight days, my son has been away on a mission trip with our church’s high school youth group. They returned a couple hours ago, but I haven’t seen him yet (the kids are with their dad this weekend). When he gets home tonight, this will be his first indication of just how much I’ve missed him.

This was not Isaac’s first time away, by any means. He’s been on trips like this before. He’s been away to summer camp in years past. And just this summer he was away at diving camp for a week in June. But somehow, I felt his absence more than usual this week. I kept waiting for his tall, lean frame to walk in the front door, or to discover him wearing headphones and playing video games when I walked downstairs. I was stunned each time that he just wasn’t there.

Tomorrow he will be. And I’ll smile.

Oh, and he’ll get to smile, too (or shake his head, or roll his eyes, or whatever his 15-year-old response may be) … all week long, every time he leaves or comes home … because there’s not a drop of rain in our forecast!

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