Make Something: For Ears

Make something inspired by and/or that fits on or around an ear.

When I first read today’s prompt, my brain added “in.” Something to go “in” the ear. I thought of recording a message for people to hear. Maybe a podcast for my rather neglected business blog at Or an oh-so-dramatic reading of one of my poems.

But I returned to the Make Something book and realized I was projecting my own agenda onto Noah Scalin’s assignment. My theme for this year of making is “words.” A recorded message would have made today’s task so easy.

But easy is not necessarily the way.

I love to make jewelry, and I know how to make something to go “on” and ear. I pulled out my beads and findings and spent an hour designing and assembling a striking pair of butterfly dangles using hot pink, bright orange, and glistening crystal beads.

When I showed the finished work to my son, he actually looked away from his video game to see what I had made. He said, with all sincerity, that they were “really cool.” (I am so glad he’s home after more than a week away.)

“Yeah, now I need to figure out some words to go with them,” I said, heading for my laptop.

Never missing a shot in his violent game, Isaac called over his shoulder to give me the word: “Speechless!”

So that’s what I’m calling these …



Thanks, Isaac.

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