Make Something: Bubble Wrap

On this 89th day of my make something journey, I had to buy supplies. But my investment was just $1, and this was only the second time I’ve purchased materials specifically to complete the daily assignment. (The other purchase was bubble gum … what a coincidence.)

I love the challenge of using what’s on hand. And our home is positively full of stuff, so not once have I been short options.

However, one thing we cannot keep on hand is bubble wrap. Any package that arrives is immediately inspected not for the contents, but for its packaging materials. If there is bubble wrap, the first person to spot it snags the plastic and runs for a quiet place to pop those little pockets of air.

My son, now 15, still talks about the Christmas when he received a giant roll of bubble wrap as a gift. He was about four or five years old, and the roll was so big we had to wrap it in a large, black garbage bag. Whatever fabulous toys he received that year sat waiting, as he gleefully snapped bubbles by jumping on them, sitting on them, and pressing them with his hands.

Admit it. You’d love to receive a bag or box full of bubble wrap, too. Who wouldn’t? It’s just so gratifying. Like music for your ears and your fingers.


Credit goes to husband Jim Nyland for today’s visual pun. Great idea, baby!

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