Make Something: Piñata

After the papier-mache experiment earlier this month, my shoulders slumped when I saw today’s make something prompt: “Make a piñata and destroy it.” I simply could not face papier-mache again.

Determined to stay on track, I searched Google for easy ways to make a piñata. To the rescue: the Love+Cupcakes blog, right here on WordPress. Paulo Parsons, the creative person behind that blog, offered a simple, small piñata alternative that called for little more than a toilet paper tube, tissue paper, tape, and ribbon. And candy filling, of course.

I locked my office door and set to work, making mini piñatas for my daughters. To bring in my theme of words, I wrote a special note to tuck inside each one. In about 20 minutes, the work was done, and I presented the girls with their surprise.

Click any image to enlarge and scroll through gallery.


I’d love to tell you that the little angels squealed with delight, hugged me, and thanked me profusely. Alas, candy brings out the worst in them. They snatched at the loot and fought over who got what. I was miffed.

However, the finding and creating were fun for me, and we’ve got an idea in the hopper for a future birthday party or rainy day.

Still, next time I’m filling the tubes with confetti. No brat-inducing sweets.

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