Make Something: Steam

I nearly passed on today’s make something assignment. Not because it wasn’t interesting, but because my day veered more toward reacting and cleaning things up than innovating and making things up.

But after 107 days with no miss, how could I possibly bail on #108?

Today’s task was to make something on a steamed-up surface. Before I knew it, the clock showed 9:00 pm, and I’d done nothing. Not for lack of opportunities:

  • My own shower came and went in a blur this morning, as I plotted priorities to do laundry, shuttle kids, and remember mats and bottled water for the last in an amazing series of advanced yoga classes at our YMCA. I completely missed the chance to write on my steamy shower door.
  • Later in the day, I asked my son to shut the bathroom doors and window and leave the fan off (a cardinal sin in our house) when he took a hot shower. I figured I could make his shower doors my canvas. But when he got out, I was involved in placing a Peapod grocery order and talking with a neighbor who rang our doorbell to catch up. By the time I reached the kids’ bathroom, the shower doors were fog-less.
  • After dinner, I tried boiling water in a shallow pan, then placing a glass lid on top to collect steam. Unfortunately, this procedure created heavy droplets of water on the underside of the plan lid—no steam.

At last, nearing my training-for-earlier-days-when-school-starts-next-week curfew, I decided to pop my glasses in the freezer. A few minutes later, I rescued them and watched the lenses fill with steam. A gentle press of my thumb added peep holes, and this was the result:


I have no words to accompany this image … unless you count “creepy” or “vacant.”

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