Make Something: Out of the Way

Once again, I’ve taken a lot of latitude with today’s make something prompt:

Go out of your way. Travel somewhere you wouldn’t normally go today specifically to create something inspired by that location.

I went somewhere I seldom go: my son’s bedroom. This is a place I don’t normally go for several reasons:

  1. At 15, my son deserves some degree of privacy.
  2. The household activities required to maintain his room—making the bed, putting away clothes, taking out trash—are his responsibility; I don’t need to go in there.
  3. His methods for accomplishing the tasks in point #2 generate rather chaotic results, and I prefer to focus my attention elsewhere.

Upon entering Isaac’s room, I knew full well what I could expect. Clothes, both dirty and clean, scattered on the floor. School books in a pile. Items unpacked from a summer trip still heaped near the wall. Candy wrappers here and there. Spare change on the rug. You get the picture. It’s not filthy; it’s just not orderly.


I also knew exactly what I would make when I got there.

I made my son’s bed.


My own bed gets made every day—usually before I even pee. Isaac’s gets made a couple times a month, when the cleaning lady comes. In fact, she’ll be here tomorrow morning, so his bed will be made two days in a row.

Now that I have completed this “making,” I wonder:

  • When Isaac goes to bed tonight, will he notice that his bed is made? Will he wonder why? (Will he have seen this blog post? Does he even read what his mother publishes?)
  • After the cleaning lady makes his bed again tomorrow, will he notice?
  • Will getting into a tidy bed two nights in a row somehow mess with his mojo? Am I disturbing his universe with this simple act of making?
  • What’s the impact of applying a small amount of order to a significant amount of chaos? Any?

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