Make Something: Wood

Make something with wood.

We have no shortage of wood around here, as my husband took up furniture building and refinishing this summer. Perhaps I could have crafted something incredible from his scraps.

Español: Torre Jenga cayendo.

But by the time we wrapped up a full work/school day, the kids’ after-school activities, chiropractor appointments, dinner out, homework, and a third-grade collage project, I was pretty much out of steam. Too spent to even open the door to the garage, I scanned our main living area for useful wood. There, in the corner, was Jenga—the nerve-wracking, breath-holding, ultimately noisy, dent-the-table game where you carefully dismantle a tower of wood blocks, hoping one of your competitors will topple the thing before you do.

I laid a few Jenga blocks out on our dark wood table and played with them to form various letters and words. I finally decided on the obvious, then relocated the blocks to the oak floor for a more monochromatic effect.


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