Make Something: Eggshell

Today’s task was to make something with or inspired by eggshells.

We haven’t had hard-boiled eggs around here for awhile, so I took this opportunity to cook about a dozen eggs. The little girls are thrilled; they’ll eat lots of eggs this weekend. Maybe we’ll even devil some.

I peeled four of the eggs and soaked the broken shells in a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and food coloring—as if I were dying shattered Easter eggs. Once I had various pleasing shades of blue and green, I pulled the shells from their baths, let them dry on some towels, then set about pressing the fragments onto a piece of card stock coated with spray adhesive. When that wasn’t quite sticky enough, I brushed on some diluted school glue, and that did the trick.

Maybe this could be a cool alternative to prissy pink valentines?


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