Make Something: Altered Postcard

Today’s instruction was to take an existing postcard and alter it, then send it to someone—perhaps to a random address or to a friend, anonymously.

Once a simple birthday image, my postcard card now celebrates the rewarding process of making something for 365 days (I’m 127 days in and loving every moment). A black Sharpie and a few minutes of doodle time were all it took to personalize the card.

I like the idea of surprising a recipient with this little piece. So while I’m not going to divulge who will receive the “upgraded” postcard, I’ll show you the before and after:


Tomorrow I’ll write a note on the reverse side, hunt down the recipient’s address, affix a stamp, and fire the postcard out via US Postal Service. Perhaps the recipient will let us know when he or she receives it …

4 responses to “Make Something: Altered Postcard

    • You are most welcome, Noah! I’m so glad it arrived and that I managed to keep the secret so it could be a surprise.

      Upon finding your address, I realized you’re not too far from my sister, who also lives in Virginia. Next time I visit her, maybe we could connect live. Every now and then I think you might be a good collaborator for some of my consulting work … we could explore the possibilities.

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