Make Something: 10 Words

Thank God today’s make something prompt is in my wheelhouse. If the assignment were other than writing, I’m not sure what I would produce.

For only the second time in my life, I’m experiencing vertigo. What an awful, dizzy, disorienting sensation. I don’t wish it on anyone. When I recovered from it the first time just a few months ago, I hoped it would never return.

No such luck.

Fortunately, if I sit very still and train my gaze in one direction, the spinning subsides. This is a good pose for writing, and even for drawing. So I focused on my iPad and created an illustrated, 10-word autobiography.


Bookish farm girl writes business stories ’til poetry pays off …

Noah Scalin offers an extra credit challenge, too … to further condense this life story to six words and share it on I’m familiar with Six-Word Memoirs, having received the book Not Quite What I Was Planning for Christmas a few years ago. I’ve written my six-word memoir a time or two before. Today, my life-story-in-progress goes something like this (and yes, I did publish it on the six-word memoir site):

Selling business communication.
Craving poetry publication.

What’s your life story? Can you tell it in 10 words? How about six? If you try it, please share!

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