Make Something: Found Letters


Today’s make something suggestion was to make a word out of objects in my environment. You see the result above. Maybe you recognize some of these letters. Before you read on, can you guess the origin of each? (Answer key at the bottom of this post, and major hints in the following photo collage.)

* * *

Throughout this typical weekend day of going places and doing things, I snapped photos of words I encountered, creating a sort of visual diary.


Here’s what the day entailed:

  • A quick breakfast and morning tea to go
  • Worship, a youth group meeting, and return to the fall Sunday School schedule at our church
  • Navigating suburban streets and parking lots with my husband at the wheel of his big red truck
  • Grocery shopping
  • Couch/iPad relaxation time
  • A bit of  client work, to get a jump on my consulting workload for the week
  • Cheering for the Green Bay Packers, though they lost in the last moments of the fourth quarter
  • Keeping up (or trying, anyway) with laundry and dishes
  • Some healthy baking for the kids’ snacks and lunches this week
  • Evening wine and creative time with Noah Scalin’s book and my blog

Gathering and now reviewing this visual inventory made me aware of how much we accomplish even on a relaxed Sunday. I wonder how different the images would be on a work day …

* * *

Key to “weekend” banner above:

W from women’s restroom sign
E from sign on church building
E from Tide laundry detergent
K from Dominick’s grocery store bag
E from Dell laptop
N from iPad on-screen keyboard
D from “do not enter” street sign

3 responses to “Make Something: Found Letters

    • Thanks! This is going to be a hectic week, but if I have the presence of mind to do so, I’d like to make a similar visual diary of a work day. If you give this a try, let me know. (I’d also love to see what children would do with this kind of idea.)

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