Make Something: Rebus

A “rebus” is a visual puzzle that uses pictures and symbols in place of words or syllables in a phrase or story.

When my son was an early reader, one of his favorite books was I See A Star. Author  Jean Marzollo and illustrator Suse Macdonald created this story, about a Christmas pageant, as an extended rebus. The icons in the story are easy for a three- or four-year-old to decipher. So, with those images as context, Isaac could sound out the surrounding written words and read the whole story. (Stories like this are fun, no matter what your age or reading level.)

I learned today that the word “rebus” comes from the Latin for “by means of objects.” So, to make a rebus of my own, I took photos of objects around me to craft a sentence.

Can you solve this puzzle?


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