Make Something: Paper Pop-Up

By dinnertime today, I was dragging. My consulting, coaching, and teaching business is beyond busy, and I’m feeling the long hours in my bones, my eyes, my feet, my jaw … you name it. I’m tired! I copped out on dinner and grabbed take-out for me and the kids. Then I intended to flop down on the couch around 7:30 pm, and not move until bedtime.

But I wanted to fulfill my make something commitment first.

Today’s task: make a paper pop-up. I became totally absorbed in planning the words, measuring and marking the lines, cutting only where necessary, and scoring and folding in all the right directions. After an hour, my paper pop-up was done.

Not only am I pleased with the result, I’m energized. (Not enough to fold laundry or plan tomorrow’s menu, but I’m not snoring on the sofa. Yet.)

Make Something: Paper Pop-Up Top View

I made this, and it took my mood from flop-down to pop-up.

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