Make Something: With Feet

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and make it happen.

Today’s creation forced me to sit down, think, and put pen to paper … with my foot.

The instruction was to make something using my feet instead of my hands. How hard could it be to write a simple sentence that way?

I sat in my office chair and placed a Sharpie between the first two toes on my right foot. I positioned a piece of paper on the floor and steadied it with my left foot. Then my right foot hovered over the page while my brain tried to engage.

I knew what I wanted to write, but had no idea how to convince my toes to form the letters. As it turns out, the toes were not able. Instead, I informed my knee, ankle, and calf muscles to move—as best as they could—in the direction of the strokes and curves I could see written in my mind.

What you see below is my second attempt. The first was truly laughable. This second pass is legible right up to the last character, when I lost my grip on the page and couldn’t quite see beneath my sole to connect the lines.

Interesting challenge. Can you do it?


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