Make Something: Incongruous

Now this was a fun prompt for a writer and writing instructor:

Make something incongruous.


Of all the valuable lessons I, an experienced communicator, can teach a hopeful, impressionable writer such as yourself, I would impart just one little, tiny piece of useful advice. What extraordinary wisdom might that be, you ask? Certainly, I would recommend that you learn to express ideas with as few words as possible, with brevity, precision, and appreciation for the reader’s precious time and short span of attention. This is the greatest service we writers can offer those who must receive our words. When we ramble on and spew phrases with reckless abandon, we disrespect the reader and dilute what might otherwise be a powerful message in a deep and nearly endless sea of wasted words. But when we thoughtfully compose succinct sentences and pithy paragraphs, we may find that we can command attention and even motivate the most reluctant of readers to take action, possibly even immediately, before their focus shifts to some other timely topic or shiny object. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that precisely what we want to achieve in our communication? Yes? You agree? Well then …

Be concise.


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