Make Something: Movie-Inspired

On these days when I teach an evening business writing class in the city, after a full day of consulting and parenting, it’s tougher to make something before day’s end.

Today I thought I had it nailed.

The prompt suggested making something inspired by my favorite movie. So, while my students worked on an in-class writing assignment, I jotted one of my favorite movie quotes on a notepad, one word per page, along the lower edge of each page. I planned to record a rapid “flip book” version of the quote.

Cool idea in theory. Very sketchy in execution. I just couldn’t capture a smooth run through the words. Darn!

So with 10:30 pm fast approaching, I logged into Animoto and spent about 30 minutes creating a micro “film” of my own, based on that same movie quote.

Anyone else love Ferris Bueller?

If this embedded video clip doesn’t work for you, you can view it on Animoto.

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