Make Something: In a Bottle

A few weeks ago (quite a few, actually), my mother-in-law announced that she wanted all of us to make an ornament for a special Christmas tree she’s planning to display in her home this holiday season. She wanted them to be about three inches tall, handmade, and ideally old-fashioned. She also wanted them done by November 17.

This was a tall order. Every single one of us missed the deadline. We’re trying to get them done by Thanksgiving. I’m not sure any of our creations will meet all the criteria, but we will deliver.

Fortunately, today’s make something prompt—”make something inside of a bottle of any size”—was in synch with Shirley’s request. Because she and I enjoy sipping wine together, I decided to create an ornament from a small bottle. The bottle I had on hand used to hold balsamic vinegar; close enough. A few stickers (J-O-Y), some thread, a bit of flake salt, a ribbon, and a stopper my son whittled down from an actual wine cork … voila! The ornament is complete.


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