Make Something: Holiday

Wow, did I get lucky with today’s make something prompt! This was party day in our house, celebrating Emma’s ninth birthday with a crew of her best friends. The prompt?

Make up a new holiday for today and create a decoration, food item, or card to go along with it. Bonus: Get your friends to celebrate it with you.

Fortunately, my independent little girl chose a birthday party theme like no other. Today was not a day of Disney princesses or rock stars or Hello Kitty. No. Emma decided nearly a year ago that her ninth birthday would be a celebration of sour things—lemons, in particular.


So we all got involved in orchestrating Sour Lemon Day. Emma planned a dozen games and activities. For me, a highlight was the Best Sour Face contest, where each girl drank a few sips of straight lemon juice, while I snapped photos. Hysterical!


Everyone enjoyed creating Lemon Guys, too. Think Mr. Potato Head … with lemons as a base and a crazy variety of craft supplies the girls raided to add features and accessories.

DSC_1675 DSC_1664

Big sister Hannah not only got to be a guest; she also baked the lemon bundt cake and helped come up with a list of yellow things for one of the most ridiculous games of charades I’ve ever witnessed.


Even my teenage son helped make lemon squares before the party. And during the event, he blindfolded and spun the girls for “Pin the Pucker.” Our dizzy guests had a remarkably hard time affixing paper lips to a poster featuring a giant lemon with a face.


I doubt that Sour Lemon Day will become an annual event in our household. But it was a festival we’ll all remember for years … and an innovative party theme I’ll suggest when anyone is short on ideas.


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