Make Something: Bicycle

Work with or be inspired by a bicycle or its parts.

I don’t ride a bicycle much any more. But with a few exceptions (the painful day I learned to ride … on a gravel road; the asthma attack on a mountainside in Austria; the time I toppled both me and my toddler into the street) my memories of being on a bicycle are happy ones.

Full days bicycling country roads with a grade school friend. Yelling encouragement to each other all the way up the long hills, and then laughing as we race-coasted down the other side. Stopping to splash in a creek and eat our packed lunches under a tree.

Summer afternoons pedaling a hand-me-down ten-speed in town, so I could keep up with my babysitter’s kids when we went to the pool or ballpark. Loving the clicking sound of the gears, but having now clue how to work them. Learning to ride no-handed, so I could eat an orange Push-Up before it melted, dripping stickyness down my arm and chin.

Newlywed Saturday mornings cruising to the farmer’s market in our urban village. Feeling smug at keeping our prime parking spot in the lot behind the apartment building, and not having to battle for a space downtown. Tasting fresh donuts and sipping honey from straws while stocking our backpacks with fresh produce for a weekend of culinary fun.

To me, bicycling is freedom, momentum, rhythm, balance, release, and joy. What does it mean for you?


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