Make Something: Container

The make something recommendation today is to create a container.

Right away, I knew I wanted a place to put all my excuses. The ones that keep me from writing or taking action to pursue any creative or risky endeavor.

I considered decorating a jar. Or sewing a bag. But what I really wanted was a bowl. Not too deep, but wide enough to accommodate my hand and as many excuses as I could concoct. The plan took shape:

1. List as many excuses as possible.

2. Print those excuses on both sides of a sheet of paper.

3. Fold that paper into a bowl. (I found clear folding instructions on YouTube.)

4. Place this “bowl” on my desk:

5. Dare myself to think of any excuses that aren’t already there.

a. If I’m so creative that I can think of a new excuse, I can write it down and drop it in the bowl.

b. If not—if the excuse is already printed on or deposited in the bowl—my next step is clear: BEGIN.

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